Monday, November 4, 2013

Mobile Technology

Hi everyone,

Some of you may already know, but I am researching for my Masters thesis on the motivating effects of technology in the classroom, and so I jump at any research I can get my hands on with regards to technology used in education. One of my students posted this fabulous link on her blog, UmzanziEduPad, that details much information on technology in Africa - research that is sorely lacking. Rudi de Waele is founder and CEO at Nyota Media, and the website is a host of wonderful information regarding techno-trends.
Have a look. Once again, thank you, Marina!

How Mobile Technology is Transforming Africa from Rudy De Waele

I found another great slideshow on mobile technology from Tony Vincent's website Learning in Hand. 35 educational specialists addressed the question: "What are the most effective uses of technology in mobile and online education?" and each of their answers were included in the slide show below. How awesome?!


  1. We are all very excited about technology changing Africa and its education vision for our future leaders. I am positive that those institutions that present our continent with a view of a future school in every rural area, will also realise that Africa needs investment in hardware to run the amazing software they are designing!
    May God bless Africa...