Monday, June 23, 2014

More student blogs!

Hi everyone!

I haven't blogged for a while, but my new crop of student teachers have started to create their own blogs,so I thought it was high time that I looked at my blog again! Things have been so busy, but I realised that one must simply make time for those things that you enjoy! Hence, here I am!

I have designed a short course for Stellenbosch University called Digital Literacy Short Course, specifically targeting new teachers who are in the BEd faculty of Stellenbosch University. The course consists of 5 modules; Going Digital (which introduces new teachers to digital literacy and educational technology, as well as to consider how teaching and learning differs in the 21st century), Presentations (an introduction into various interactive, visual and audio presentation formats that teachers could use in their classrooms), Information Surfing (for both teachers' and learners' academic information pursuits, as well as for teachers to access the plethora of teaching resources available on the net), Going Google (a taster of what Google in Education can offer to teachers), as well as Application and Reflection (how one can use the tools learnt in the classroom, and for various levels of resource availability).

The course is scheduled to run twice this year. We have just run the first component of the June opportunity - a 20 hour workshop, to be followed by 40 hours of self-study and assessment submission to be completed by the students. The October opportunity will run slightly differently -     5 x Thursday morning contact sessions in the month of October, with 40 hours of self-study and assessments to complete in the time between the contact sessions. Both of these opportunities are pilot studies - should they be well-received, we hope to incorporate them into the BEd and PGCE courses.

Below are the June opportunity student blogs:

We even had a Marketing student join us - her blog can be found at Marketing Mania

I really applaud my students' efforts to venture into a completely new (and often scary!) adventure of blogging! So much of blogging is playing around and learning the various features and opportunities that the various blogging platforms afford. All of the best, ladies! I look forward to reading of your exciting discoveries!