Technology in the Classroom

Staurt Dredge shares his favourite 50 best apps for children - for smartphones and tablets. Check them out!

79 Interesting Ways to use Google Forms in the Classrooms - By 


When to down tools and reconnect with students - this is a big question asked by teachers when concerns about losing the interactive social nature of teaching pop up. Shaun McCusker and Beth Holland explore this thought.

Hashtag in the Classroom:  what exactly is the place of Social Media in the classroom? Neyda Borges takes a look in this well-researched article.

One of the top 'How-To' start articles I have read! Read Keith Sorensen's How To Properly Integrate Technology into the Classroom.


Now we have technology in the classroom - now what? How do you choose the best content and guide learners to effectively use it? Have a look at Jeff Dunn's Teacher's Guide to Choosing the Best Digital Content


Wow! I'm seriously impressed with the BBC News For Schools homepage! Great resources and interesting ways of incorporating news into lessons!

The Do's and Don'ts of Flipping the Classroom - Very interesting insight into Flipped Learning


What about Special Education? How do we bring e-Learning to Special Ed? Here is how (a list of blogs by Keerti Arora)


An interesting discussion by Ethan Edwards (@ethanaedwards on why instructional design needs to be 'learner-focused' and not 'content-focused'


Why reinvent the wheel when things have been done so very well before? Kids also enjoy and respond well to a different voice and style from time to time. Why not expose them to an EDUCREATIONS lesson, perhaps for homework, to ensure consolidation of a topic.


Introducing Edmodo

Introduce your class to Edmodo from Schoolnet SA

A very interesting read:

12 Characteristics of a iPad-Ready Classroom

An alternative to the iPod?

10 iPad competitors for use in schools

Why iPads will become a daily part of classroom education

The WHY of using iPads in the classroom


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