Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Education 3.0

I love the concept of Education 3.0!

Education 1.0 - Substitution-Augmentation: Knowledge is passed form teacher to learners.Technology may be used to merely capture the information or present it for the teacher to mark *Receiving, Responding, Regurgitating*

Education 2.0 - Modification: Teacher- learners-peers interactivity begins *Communication, Contribution, Collaboration*

Education 3.0 - Redefinition: Content is freely available and shareable *Connectors, Creators, Constructivists*

Excellent ideas for getting learners to engage in using different technology and learning.

Thank you, eLearning Infographics!

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The Innovation of Education

I love this Infographic - a history lesson and guideline to becoming more technologically savvy all in one go!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teacher Agency

It would seem that it is not only learners who feel the effects of learned helplessness and growth fixed mindsets - teachers, under the pressure of contemporary teaching, succumb to such phenomena too. Jackie Gerstein explores this phenomenon in her blog User Generated Education. 

More tech-savvy then their teachers?

What happens when your learners know more than you as teacher about the technology that you use to teach them? Terry Heick has some interesting ideas about the digital learner in his post What happens when students use technology better than teachers? featured in TeachThought.